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Who we are and what we do?

On behalf of  Kankyo Vietnam JSC(KVJ), I would like to send greetings and wishes for health and success to all of you.

KVJ was established by a number of shareholders of Hung Viet Composite Production And Trade Ltd., Co. As requirements of market, We had to specialization between production and selling.  KVJ has  following tasks:

•Develop and manage all agents to provide biogas tank made of composite materials of Hung Viet Composite Production And Trade Ltd., Co.

• Provide composite biogas tank for projects that to be subsidized by international organizations or governments and other agencies throughout the territory of Vietnam.

In addition, KVJ also offers other products made of composite materials, research and develop technology that is environmentally friendly. With ideas "Thinking green for beautiful environment", we always aim to produce beauty products and environmentally friendly, waste treatment and have the ability to turn waste into energy, For example biogas tanks made of composite materials or equipment to treat waste at the source.

The composite biogas tanks has been supplied by KVJ are always has high appreciation of customers and regard as the number one product on the market. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam has certificated that our product meets the Advancement of Science Technology and New Technology, the need to participate in projects  that to be control by the Ministry.

, Our works ad products have been received many honor awards from organizations and reputable agencies such as:

• In 2008 was named the most outstanding products and services.

• In 2009 received the Vietnam Gold Business.

• In 2010 was awarded the Luong Dinh Cua and a medal of the energy efficient and friendlly with evironment (ENTECH fair) ...

• In 2011 achieved the Gold Cup quality in Tam Nong fair in Ho Chi Minh City. Gold medal and certificate of high-quality Vietnamese goods.

• Recognizing the technical progress of The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Viettnam.

It is honored that we have been selecting to participate in many projects of international organizations and governments to implement the national environmental objectives, other local projects such as:

1. LIFSAF, The Project funded by the World Bank with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the livestock sector and food safety.

2. Biogas projects in the livestock sector of South Vietnam by the Department of Livestock and the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) in collaboration and a number of other organizations.

3. Biogas project for households in Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province was funded by the provincial environmental protection department in Ha Giang…etc

We have done projects in many areas of the country such as Cao Bang, Thai Binh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Ha Giang ... We are very happy have  been received high appreciation of local and people. They appreciated our abilities to implement the project, from initial. Such as communication of project, plan of  installation and instruction of operating  and product warranty ... always made in a scientific and effective way.

Others of our success product is floral composite vessel and decorative furniture. We are number one of this product in Vienam. We exported this products to Germany market from 2010.

How we have been receiving these achievements?

The products we offer are produced base on the international standards for manufacturing products from composite materials. KVJ's product quality is evaluated by the advanced equipment, using modern experimental methods and was conducted by a team of leading experts in the field of materials technology of  Vienam.

All our works has been standardized and issued procedure. The unified management products from production to installation, all of our products have technical manuals, instruction manual and warranty card synchronous. That ensuring our products have been operated effectively and give practical benefits to the people. With 53 agencies we built an wide distribution channel in over of Vietnam.

We are confident and commit to give our customers the best products, perfect service and bring satisfaction to all the customers who have been using the products of KVJ.

Kankyo Vietnam Joint Stock Company respectfully.

Thanks and look forward to serving you!

Address: No. 16 TT11B Van Quan new urban Hanoi 
Phone: 094.996.88.55 HOTLINE: 0168.50.88888